Wednesday, July 25, 2018

"Little Notes" by Jasmine

A few weeks ago my daughter left a little note for me.  
I had been at a function that day and she played netball then went to her Granny's for a sleepover.
She left this note to tell me they had won their game and that she shot 6 goals. 
It was their first win for the season so she was pretty happy.
Receiving notes like that just makes me warm and fuzzy inside.
Stages pass as the kids grow and you forget when something stopped. Like them jumping into our bed on a weekend for a snuggle.  Being older now, that has stopped.  But I can't remember when.
And little notes like this will stop.  She will stop writing them as she gets older, just like her brothers have.  Maybe I won't remember when she stops....which makes me sad.

So I created this page as a reminder to myself that I did receive little notes at one stage of her life.  
That yes it will stop but I can look at this page one day, pull out the little note tucked behind the photo and it will remind me of those precious notes I once received.

I have used a black paper doily, sequin bow, resin flowers,epoxy heart stickers, journal tags, paper flowers, flair button, stencil and alphabet stickers, string and butterflies which were used from previous kits.

So instead of getting wrapped up in what is on the page, I need to remind myself more about what story or memory I am creating about.... then all of the pretty stuff can be added later.


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