Friday, June 15, 2018

"Love Like This" by Jasmine

I have to admit that none of my pages ever end how I had planned them at the start.
Like never.

If I start with a particular photo in mind, it never gets used.
If I have a theme in mind, it never gets used.
If I have certain colours in mind, they never get used.
If I have a particular idea in mind, it never gets used.

But that's ok.  
I am generally happy with my page in the end.

Today I am sharing a page that was going to be grungy, busy and about me.
Instead, it is pretty, simple and about me and hubby.

One thing that does always work with my pages, is by using D'lish goodies, my page always co-ordinates as you can see here. 

For this page, I began by using the stencil from the February 'Love Like This' Just Add Paper kit
I used yellow and pink inks to create a patterned background.
I then used a lot of pieces from the kit to embellish my page. 
It is a very simple yet effective page.

I know I have said it before but the Just Add Paper Kits are just such good value for money. 
There are so many pieces in each kit and because it all co-ordinates, a page can be created very quickly which is great when you have deadlines....wink wink.


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