Tuesday, May 15, 2018

"Cool" by Jasmine

Wow, time flies hey?
Are the days going quicker or are we just busier?
I think I need to create a page about Balance next.
Something I try and get right but most days, it just doesn't happen.
So this page.....it had to be a quicky but hopefully a goody. 
I tried to keep it simple and effective as the photo was my highlight so I didn't add a big long title or lots of journaling.  
It is a photo that makes me smile every time I come across it.

I have mostly used the embellishments from the Mini Kit - Boldly Black.
These kits have been amazing.  So easy to just keep adding when everything is already there and co-ordinated.  I loved the black on white.
 I have also used a star stencil and just used a pen to trace the stars and then colour some in.  
There is a creative cut Star as stars seemed to be the theme.
A paper doily, polka dot bow (from a past JAP kit) and a paper flower.

Hopefully you have that right Balance in your day today. 
I have today....so far :)


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