Saturday, March 24, 2018

#familyfun | by Anthea

You know how sometimes you do a LO with no clear vision of where it is going to go and where almost everything goes wrong, but somehow it comes together OK?  This was one of those LOs!
I have had this photo for a while now, and whilst the actual family game of basketball was very spontaneous - this shot was not.  I wanted a photo of us ALL playing together and the only way that could happen was to set up the camera on the rubbish bin and set the timer.  The rest is staged (just in case you couldn't tell) to make it look like we were playing for real....which we were....but....Oh dear...I hope you understand.  ;)
Seriously, this photo was really quite blah and devoid of much colour at all. (Thanks Matthew for wearing red!)  I spread some blue texture paste all over the page, this was fairly old and didn't quite spread the way I wanted - so I 'grunged' it up even more and put splats of glimmer mist everywhere.  A big dollop fell out on my page as I was dripping 'nicely' so I just went with even more crazy with it.  I then went a little crazy with my stamps and once this was done, decided this would be my base.
I then placed my matted photo in the middle of the LO and went a little wild with embellishments. 
Other than the title, background and paper EVERYTHING on this page is D-Lish. 
I raided my past JAP kits for every bright coloured star I could find.  I found blue sequins stars, red and white striped enamel stars, red and white fabric checkered stars and little red resin stars.  I am not sure any of these are available in the shop currently or individually, but I have linked through to other similar items that could be used in place of these. 
I then used the last of my favourite blue glitter dots and randomly placed a piece of string that came wrapped around a previous JAP kit at the back of the photo.  I then found paint chip tab which suits the LO perfectly and added that and finished it all off with a grungy D-lish flair and a hand drawn border.
Here are some close ups of the LO. 
I am loving the red and blue with a tiny touch of yellow in this LO and I love that the LO mirrors the crazy fun we were having together.
Thanks for looking at my LO.
Hope you have a great day.
Till next time
Hugs from moi

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