Saturday, March 18, 2017

"Remember this" by Malinda Gardner

My last share for March. OMG where have the last three months gone!!!
My last share so I thought I would try something a little different.
I know it probably doesn't look that different to my usual style but it is quite different for me.

For this page I simply grabbed one of my Just Add Paper kits, in this case it was the ?????? kit, opened it up and got scrapping. Everything except what I used on my background is from the kit.
How perfect is that????!!! That's why I love D-lish...everything goes together perfectly.

So what's so different about this page for me? Well I don't normally use patterned paper on my pages and I struggle with neat lines. But that's what I did with this page, I used the blue spot paper to matt my photo and then added the Journal card to the right.

Next came the embellishments. Vellum stars, raw wood veneer crosses, arrows (individually made by the boss of D-lish Amanda Lawrence 😲) arrows, sequins and a super gorgeous silver sequined bow. All but the bow were from the kit. 

 A bit of journalling and I'm done. How quick was that???

xxx Mal

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