Thursday, March 23, 2017

Birthday Girl Layout + Retreat Packing by Amanda Lawrence

I was fortunate enough to spend 4 days attending the Colour Blast retreat on the weekend just gone. Best friends + creative time + waaay too much yummy food = all a girl could ever want! 

Today I'm going to share one of the layouts I created plus a little 'behind the scenes' peek on how I prepare when scrapping away from home. 

Being someone who likes to be organised ... maybe a little too much lol ... I like to pre-plan my layouts and make 'kits' for myself. I find this eliminates all the wasted time spent digging through my stash and trying to decide exactly what it is I want to scrap. It also prevents taking great piles of stuff that I ordinarily won't touch. Lets face it, it's not much fun putting it all back away again when you get home. That in itself can require another holiday to get over!

To make my kits I use a 5x7 plastic container and a 12x12 pouch labelled accordingly. This may seem a little OTT but when you have several kits it's easy to work out what goes with what. I begin by selecting my photo and papers and then get an idea of how I want to use them. Sometimes I may print off a sketch, other times I have an idea to run with. I knew I wanted some cut files for this one so I got my silhouette and got cutting. I then grab a range of embellishments that go with my layout. I be sure to put in more than I need and make sure I cover all the bases. I also type up my journalling so it's all ready to go.

Here is the finished page: 

Other than the hand stitching, this layout actually came together quite quickly. Having a limited selection of embellishments that all worked with my page eliminated all the digging through boxes.

I used one of the gorgeous lace doilies as a photo mat, they really add a lovely softness to any page. My main cluster included a selection of paper flowers, some resin flowers for varying texture and a heart patch and tassel from the current JAP 'Pretty in Pink' kit.

The top cluster had a repetition of elements plus a resin bird and flair button.

Lastly, I added my title with a few more flowers and a stunning sequin bow. 

You can find all of these goodies and more in the store:

I hope I have inspired you today. Whether it be through my layout or maybe a rethink of how you approach your packing next time you head out to a retreat or crop.

Amanda x

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