Saturday, January 28, 2017

'click click' - by Nicolee Cable

Hi lovely D-lish (and future D-lish) people!
I hope you had a great Australia Day this week and your
kids are settling into school again, for the last time
(like me) or for the first! 
(The young man in the photo below is our 
youngest and this is his final year in Senior School - where have the years gone!?! 
After having kids in school for the past 17 years, I'm certainly going to
enjoy this next chapter in our family's lives! Anyway......back to my post )

Do you ever have lots of photos you want
to use on a layout, but don't want to overwhelm
your page?  I was so stoked when I came across these wood veneer frames
that fit these photo-booth photos perfectly!  No trimming needed.
I loved the fact they just sit perfectly on the 
page and allow for a simple design with little else needed.

After adding just a few simple embellishments and 
strips of patterned paper, I'm really 
happy with how this funky layout turned out.

There's the puffy alphabet stickers which are so easy to use and 
just add that cute little bit of dimension.
I've twisted black wire around and around a
small paint brush and placed it behind the letters.

These glitter enamel dots are so cute, and 
I use them on so many different projects they are so 
easy to use.

Then the only other embellishments I used on this
simple project was this gorgeous diamond resin shape and resin flower.
The colours are so beautiful are just set it off perfectly. 

That's really all I have to share for this quick, simple
but effective layout - which shows you
that even though using a few D-lish embellishments, you can really pack a punch
with your eye-catching layouts.

Please be sure to head on over to the shop as 
there are some really super cute new embellishments (such as 
Bitty Bow clips and blooms) not to mention lace doilies and stencils
in stock.  But better hurry before they
disappear fast!

I cannot believe we are heading into February
it's simply mind-blowingly scary as to how 
time is passing by so quickly.

Be sure to be snapping those photos of everyday moments and
the super special ones to scrap and capture those memories forever.

Take care and I'm really
looking forward to seeing your layouts in 
The Scrap Suite (on FB) with all your wonderful purchases.

Nic xxxxx

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