Friday, November 6, 2015

40th Birthday Photo Board, by Amanda H.

Hi everyone!

We are into November and it is mine turn to share on the D-lish blog for the next couple of days!

My first share for November, is something a bit different! I celebrated my 40th birthday on the weekend and I created this Photo board for the party. Of course, using D-lish embellishments finished the project perfectly [#asalways]

Here is the project and some close ups.

Here is the board, at the party. I had created a few things and set the table up for the party - with some bunting, an album for people to sign, some flowers and candles, etc. etc.! It all looked so good on the night!
This was an old cork/whiteboard that I wasn't using anymore. I saved it with a spray of gold paint. I had 5X5 inch and 6X6 inch photos printed and they were a great size to use on the board. I added washi tape as I stuck them down, for a bit of colour!
Here are some close ups,
so you can see how I created some little clusters of D-lish embellishments to finish the board.

D-Lish Scraps embellishments used include:
Paper flowers, found HERE... Alder flowers, Roses, Sweet Petites, Forget-Me-Nots.
Resin flowers, found HERE .. I recommend any of the Grab bags! Great value and always a colour you need!
D-lish Enamel Dots, found HERE.
D-lish Flair Buttons, found HERE.... of course, so many to choose from, I particularly like the "Inspirable" flairs!
Leaves, found HERE... I used a pink leaf from the Rainbow Pack!
That's all from me today! Would love to see how you use your D-lish in different ways!
Thanks for looking,

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  1. What a great idea Amanda, just shows how versatile the D-lish Scraps products are.