Saturday, August 22, 2015

DIY Magnets

Good Morning D-lish Fans!
I'm here to share a quick and simple
DIY project using some
of the seriously adorable
Bottlecaps There are so many varieties in
store. I have chosen the yellow polka dot
for some vintage inspired magnets.
You will need the following supplies:
* Bottlecaps
* Fine point scissors/circle punch or die
* Dimensional Magic
* Magnetic tape or magnetic pieces
* Patterned paper of your choice.
I first started by cutting out some pre designed
bottle cap images.
You can visit my blog here for more
details on the paper I have chosen.
You don't have to use pre-designed images. Any
patterned paper is fine.
If you are printing your own images at home. I recommend
using cardstock and a laser printer.
Ink jet printers are great but the ink will run when it
comes into contact with mediums like Dimensional Magic.
Pre-designed images make it easy to cut out
images if you don't have punches or die cutting machines.
All you need is a good pair of scissors.

I used clear craft glue to stick down the
image to the bottle cap. It will take a few seconds for it to dry.
Make sure that it's fully secured before you stick down the
clear glass cabochon as the Dimensional Magic can
be slippery to work with.
Once your image is stuck firmly down. place a small dot of
Dimensional Magic to the centre of the image.
Working quickly. place the clear glass cabochon
down. You'll have a few seconds to get the
fit perfect before the DM dries - once it's dry, it's there forever!

I set the magnets aside for a few minutes before using
some magnet tape to adhere to the back.
If magnet tape isn't enough to hold
the weight, you can find ready to stick magnet pieces
in some Homeware stores.

It really is that simple!
It doesn't take long to put these together and you
can get as creative as you want with them!
Add these little cuties to Christmas
stockings, teacher gifts of Kris Kringels!
They are so easy and versatile!
You can make these and more, just check out
the incredible DIY Shop at D-lish Scraps today!

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