Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Candy Cane Snowmen .. with Alz

I ordered a couple of stamps from Ingdigo Blu last month and as a thank you they included this gorgeous little snowman stamp which fits more than comfortably on a 3x3" piece of of cardstock. He was screaming out for me to make Christmas cards and with all the beautiful new products in stock in limes and reds, how could I resist? Besides Christmas is only about three months away and that time is going to fly! LOL it doesn't hurt to be prepared!

Candy Cane Snowmen

Essentially all I've done, apart from stamping the snowman, colouring him in and add a little glossy accents to his red buttons, is layer D-lish Scraps products on white cardstock cards. So, so easy to do. The products I've used include .. red and lime Coloured Doilies, lime Coloured Wire, rainbow mix Bitty Bags, red, white and green Spiral Stamens, 15mm green with red dot Printed Wooden Buttons, red and lime Pinwheel Blooms, and red Cosmos Daisies.

By the way, these cards would be fabulous for giving gift vouchers as the Bitty Bags are the perfect size for the gift cards!

Oh and keep in mind that you can create a card suite just like this is any colour combination you can think of. For example, pair up the silver and blue Doilies with the white Spiral Stamens and you have a match made in heaven for a white Christmas colour scheme. Just an idea for you to play with.

Anyways that's it for me today. More scrapping to do so I'm off to play with paper and glue.

Happy scrapping!   :)

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