Sunday, June 22, 2014

Introducing Magoo .. with Alz

Morning peoples!

By now you've probably figured out I love, love, LOVE dogs. I can't remember a time in my life when there wasn't a dog or two sharing it. Of them all, my two greatest loves have been my childhood  dog, Bozo, and this beautiful boy, Max, or as we affectionately called him, Magoo.

Love you always

Almost three years later, it still breaks my heart that Magoo is no longer with us. I would give anything to have him back fit and healthy. I'm so thankful for this hobby we call scrapbooking for providing me with an outlet to 'spend time with him', despite him not being here.

The D-lish Scraps embellishments I've used on this layout include .. black SequinsFlair Buttons from the 2014 Script Words in black and the Duly Noted packs, Chalk Folded Banners Journal Its, Wooden Star Buttons, mini purple Roses and a black mini Wooden Peg. I've also used white tulle (not yet listed in store) to create my heart embellishments. This is I think the third layout I've used the tulle on and I am finding it to be ever so versatile. The first two layouts I simply cut strips of the tulle to tie into bows. On this layout I've used it with felt to die-cut heart embellishments. My next layout will also feature tulle, used in yet another way.

That's it for me today. I'm hoping to be able to introduce you to Bozo tomorrow. Til then .. happy scrapping.

Hasta la vista .. Alz    :)


  1. So sweet. I love dogs and actually did a LO featuring my dog today as well. Great minds think alike! Do you know about the Rainbow Bridge?

  2. Great minds do think alike!!! I love your Nanook. Such a beautiful boy. Have you seen the new doggie flairs in store? They are 'pawsitiviely' adorable!!! And thank you, yes, we do know of Rainbow Bridge. When we lost our first dog, our vet sent us a sympathy card which had Rainbow Bridge written on the inside. At the time it was our undoing but over the years it has given us much comfort. Thank you. :) xx

    1. I haven't seen the flair but will definitely be checking it out! Thanks for the tip. Your baby will always be with you and thank you for sharing him with us.

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  4. Beautiful layout and a beautiful Magoo this page has so much love as he is in your heart forever