Saturday, March 22, 2014

Love this face .. with Alz

Heh peeps!

I'm back with another instalment of my e2c scrap marathon! Honestly, I've been on lots of retreats and achieved diddly-squat. Over four days at e2c I not only completed the four classes (which were fabulous by the way) but I also created five of my own layouts!! That's right .. five layouts and we know I'm not exactly a 'simple' scrapper LOL! Oh how I have tried to scrap in a clean, graphic, simple way and oh how I have failed! But I digress. Want to know the secret of scrapping successfully on retreat? Well stay tuned ..

Love this face

I wonder if you notice anything familiar about this page at all? Aside from the bevy of D-lish Scraps products including lots of delicious goodies from last month's Just Add Paper Kit (Love is …), a Vellum bag, red Motex tape and PVC doilies?

Perhaps this might help .. scroll to the second layout in this blog post and what do you see? I've scrap lifted myself!!! Scrap lifting myself was the magic key to packing for the retreat. I went through the photos of recent(ish) layouts on my Mac and selected the ones which were my favourites. I printed them two to an A4 page, cut the A4 sheet in half and then started looking for photos that would suit the basic design of the pages. Once I had those paired up it was a very simple process of then looking at each original layout (well the printed copy of it) and working out what I needed to pack for each kit. Cardstock, patterned paper and embellishments all went in the kit but the mixed media stuff was packed individually in ziplock bags. So I would know which mixed mediums belonged to each layout, I made a note of them on my printed copy of the layout. It also helped me to save space at the table as I only had to have out exactly what I needed for each layout and not my entire packed stash.

Of all the kits I created, this layout is the one that has most turned out like the original. Its the same but different. I love that by scrap lifting myself I've created yet another original layout for my albums which is all mine! Yesterday's layout (Friends) looks nothing like my original layout but the layering of the flowers and placement of my embellishments was definitely inspired by that first layout.

So there you have it .. the secret's out of the bag. Oh and of course I packed waaaaay too many kits LOL so in the future I look forward to showing you more ways you can scrap lift yourself. Whether you're going to be away from home to scrap or you are just a little stuck for mojo, going back over your previous body of work and being inspired by your previous creations is definitely one way to go!

Until tomorrow!!!   :)


  1. Gorgeous and how cute are the photos... I scraplift myself all the time !!!

  2. Thanks Susan! Its a great way to get yourself going if the mojo has left the building or you just want to get something done quickly isn't it? My Bear is a bit of a gorgeous boy isn't he? :)