Friday, January 4, 2019

"Monster Love" by Anthea

Hi  all and welcome to 2019.  I hope and pray everyone had a safe and fun holiday season and that you are coming into the new year refreshed, happy and ready to tackle life.
I don't know about you but I have not had much time off over the holidays.  I think I scored one extra day off with the way my hours work and they way the holidays fell;   but I still found time to  squeeze in a little bit of scrapping.
Being it has been so hot here lately I decided to go with a fun and cool LO of my husband from last year. 

I am really loving this LO and the cool shades of green, blue and yellow and I feel it brings me back to the moment where the photo was taken. 
I started with a background that I had made for a prior LO that I decided I didn't like at the time.  I simply applied some texture paste through a stencil with squirts of mists smudged in with a baby wipe and splats here and there.  This stencil is not a D-lish one, but if you are looking for some awesome stencils, there are lots to choose from here.  (I love the smaller stencils as I find them easy to move around my LO and much more cost effective than some of the bigger ones).
I then just chose my photos and mounted them and a piece of patterned paper and then went a little wild with a whole lot of D-lish goodness.  In fact, other than my background, patterned paper and photos EVERYTHING on this page is either new or vintage D-lish.

Normally I would list my processes in this case it is all pretty obvious. I just had lots of fun placing embellishments that I love here and there until I had a LO that I loved. 
The yellow flags came from a mini edition monochrome JAP kit (we don't have any of these left right now  - but keep your eyes open for them - you never quite know when these beauties will pop up and they are an awesome addition to any scrappers stash and they sure don't last long in the shop).
Also from the most recent JAP kit "Slice of Summer" are the leaves, D-lish flair, gorgeous 'hesiony' flower, cute beach sign and that 'Oh so perfect sun'.
Other products I used are, punchinella,  coloured wire (the most pliable and easy yielding wire I have ever used), a yellow tag, D-lish puffy alphas and wood veneer letters.  Both the alphas are what I refer to as 'Vintage D-lish' and I am absolutely amazed that I still have some on hand.  I use them regularly and they never seem to run out - like most of my D-lish products.
The other item on the page that I absolutely can not miss is those gorgeous puffy clouds.  These seriously are so sweet and puffy and I got them recently from a discounted JAP kit, "Boy Wonder" that I had some how missed the first time around.  (Don't know how that happened - honestly have no clue - but if you were like me and missed it - do yourself a favour and check it out - it is one of my favourite kits ever)
 For those that are interested - this is my hubby Ray - we were on Mystery Island and he had been out snorkelling with our 'fancy schmancy' full face masks.  He had found a couple of poor unsuspecting hermit crabs and he was bringing one each to my sister and I who were resting on the beach.  It was all kinda cute and we laughed saying we had a sea monster bringing us gifts.  I promise no hermit crabs were harmed in the process and they were returned to where he found them. 
This was documented on the back of the LO where the journaling would not 'ruin' my LO. 
Well that is it for now.
Till next time
Take care
Happy New Year

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