Friday, September 14, 2018

"Smile" by Anthea

Hi all. Hope you are all well!

Today I am sharing with you a LO of my daughter. I did this layout at retreat a few weeks back. I was very close to ditching it because my background layer really wasn't doing it for me. I liked it but had no real idea on how to work with it.

Spurred on by the ever encouraging Amanda (aka The Boss Lady at D-lish), who I was lucky enough to have sitting beside me. I went on a mission to save it.

I should have known all it would take was a few D-lish goodies and my problems would be solved.

I simply tucked a lace doiley in behind my photo and some creative cut leaves which immediately lightened up the whole layout.

I then placed a few yellow blooms in the corner, with some teeny weeny roses tucked in for good measure and a D-lish flair. I then added a scattering of resin flowers

Once this was done, I felt the layout needed more black so I trimmed my background and added a black border to the whole layout and to my photo. I then flicked some ink over the page to finish it all off.

Once I was happy with the whole thing I stuck it down.

I ended up being pretty happy with the layout and wishing I had Amanda next to me all the time to give me the gentle shove to keep going when I think it is over.

Till next time.

Take care.



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