Monday, September 17, 2018

'My Bucket List' by Amy C

Hi All!

It’s already mid-September! … I wonder how you are going with this month’s Cybercrop?

Well my inspiration this time was this list. I tend to have a liking for sitting down and writing a list. I like to be organised and love crossing things out as I complete them.

However, this time, I have challenged myself to write a different list, which may take a little longer to complete.

I have kept this page very simple, as the ‘Bucket List’ is my key factor here. The gorgeous D-Lish Scraps goodies came into their own, enhancing my list, visually, though.

After I splattered some inks on to my white cardstock, I adhered it to a contrasting sheet of blue cardstock.

Then it was time to work on my list!

As pictured here, I jotted down some of my goals on a D-Lish Scraps die-cut Journal It’s. A flair, Washi tape, and D-Lish Dots – and a bunny-shaped wooden button were all used, to decorate my goals here.

I have used a combination of Journal It’s, die-cut Journal Cards, and printed tags to display my list around the page.

As pictured here, I have simply used a bow and D-Lish dots. I have been waiting waiting to use this gorgeous wood veneer bicycle that I acquired in a past JAP kit.

I have used a paper doily, in yellow; flair, D-Lish dots, and Journal It’s.

In the left-hand corner, as you can see, and to complete my page, I have used a few divine goodies from the store: paper doily, bow, JournalIt’s, D-Lish dots, and some trimmed-down die-cut Journal Cards.

It was fun using the D-Lish Scraps embellishments to decorate the list. Actually, can I let you in a secret? I reckon that completing a bucket list is not the secret to a fulfilling life (although it is a fun list!) Instead, finding something you love and making a difference with it is! For example, for me, here, scrapbooking amongst friends! And so perhaps this page represents something more fulfilling than the bucket list itself!

Anyway, I look forward to seeing your lists – as part of this month’s challenge!

Ciao for now,

Amy 😊

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