Tuesday, September 25, 2018

"14" by Jasmine

I can't believe how long it takes me to scrap a photo of a certain occasion.

The page I am sharing with you today is of my son and I on his 14th Birthday... 
he is about to turn 17... 
so three years in the making right?  Haha. 

I created this at retreat last month. I think it's the fact that I search through photos for retreat that I come across pics like this.
But anyho, the memory has now been created.

I kept the page pretty simple, just highlighting the photo, the background work, and that gorgeous cluster of D-lish goodness which included a sequin bow and a mixture of resin flowers, paper flowers and a fabric flower.  Adding the combination of the three gives it so much texture.

So sometimes, less is more on a page, depending on what you are trying to highlight.

Have a great day. 
I hope it's a 'scrappy' one.


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