Sunday, August 5, 2018

"Hello Happiness" - Jasmine

Keeping it simple.
That's how I approached this page. 
I just love this photo and to me it speaks 1000 words without speaking at all.
A simple moment where the kids were all doing their thing while we were on holiday.  
I only wish I could have heard their conversation. 
It's one of those photos that makes me hope that they will all be close throughout their lives and always be there for one another.

I began by sewing a border around the page, adding the patterned paper to the top and a bit of ink splash.  From there it was just adding minimal D'lish embellies... just enough to keep it simple and capture the photo whilst adding those pops of red to take your eye around the page.

I have used :
A resin flower, a glitter heart (from a JAP kit), paper flower, paper doily (this is actually a black doily placed back to front as I wanted the light grey for my page. And by only using half of it, I have another half for another page),  washi tape (from a JAP kit) and resin glitter dots.

Hope you have a fabulous day.



  1. photos like that..they say so much without seeing the faces..I just did a page where 2grandchildren had their backs to me but were doing a high five..One of my favourite photos