Friday, January 19, 2018

How to store all your D-lish goodies by Mal

So how do you store all your D-lish goodies?

I used to store mine by colour in ziplock bags in one container like this

I liked having everything of one colour all together. Easy to grab each colour and pull out what I need and then put back.

Problem was I didn't always put things back and I ended up with another box that looked like this.

What a mess!!!

So I thought I need a better storage system. I want all my stuff colour coordinated and easy to grab AND easy to put away.

I found this long divided storage box.

So I sorted everything into 6 colours

Raw wood veneer and chipboard
Pink and Red
Yellow and Orange
Blue and Green
Silver and White

I then put my kits that are partially used or not yet used (oooooppppsssss) in the original tub.

And now I'm organised.
I scrapped two pages straight after sorting my stash and they were super quick and no mess afterwards...yes I put everything away!

So how do you store all your D-lish goodies? I'd love to see your storage solutions over in The Scrap Suite.

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