Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Teacher gifts 2017, by Amanda H

Hey everyone!
Each year I decide to use my crafty skills to make teacher gifts. I think it adds a personal touch and I hope it makes the teachers realise how much we appreciate the support they give our children!
These are some of the gifts I created this year.
Of course, D-lish Scraps is the perfect finisher to any project!
Let's take a look at each gift.
Teacher gifts 1: Goodie boxes with Ginger Slice.
We have an old family recipe for Ginger slice that I make every year. This year I got a bit fancy, when I bought some small plastic containers and decorated them with little tags.
Using a fairly simple design, I started with some Printed Tag Packs. I used the "Fringed fancies" and layered some Punchinella with a cheap 'thank you' tag I got at my local cheap shop.
I topped each tag with a combination of a few D-lish embellies:
* and a few leftover bits and pieces from past Just Add Paper kits.
I am always so thankful for the roll of washi tape in and the twine/string used around each month's Just Add Paper kit. I have used both the washi and the twine/string to finish these goodie boxes.
Teacher gift 2: Decorated Note books
For this black notebook, I chose a book with an elastic strap. To this strap I have attached:
* Paper leaf (wire wraps around elastic)
* Pick n Place Bows (hand-stitched in place)
* Paper rose (wire wraps around elastic)
* Coloured wire (also wraps, and used to thread through a button)
 I clipped the notebook to a clipboard.
At the base of the clipboard, I embossed letters for the teacher's initials, and underneath this, I used a Creative Cut {flower}.
Another notebook was created with:
* Creative Cut (heart)
* Washi tape from a past Just Add Paper kit
 Teacher gift 3: Teacher signs
I found these table signs in Kmart this year, and knew they would be perfect to make signs for teacher's desks.
A strip of washi tape, and then I loaded some purple bits and pieces for Mrs Heidke's sign.
Some D-lish includes:
* Resin bird
For Mrs Pattemore, I went with blues.
Some perfect D-lish bits include:
Teacher gift 4: Pencil pots
I have been making pencil pots for years! This is just one I created this year.
Again I started with a strip of washi tape and some sticker words.
And the D-lish goodies added include:
Last bonus... just as a bit of a brag... my darling sweet daughter made these cute little books for all her friends this year. Each book she topped with a D-lish embellie. So glad she has my creative gene!
I hope you have time to do a little bit of creative gift giving this year! It takes time, but sometimes that is better than any money you could spend!
Take care,

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