Thursday, December 14, 2017

"She" by Anthea

This layout is one of my beautiful daughter from a few years back.  I had heard the song "Glitter In The Air" and decided at that moment that I was going to take a photo of her blowing glitter everywhere.  I adore the photo (even though it did result in a bunch of glitter in her eyes) as I think it captures my gal beautifully - caught up in her own little world dreaming about 'who knows what'.

 This layout is really very simple.  I could have added a lot more in the way of mixed media but decided to let the photo and the flowers do the talking.  I used that gorgeous spotty paper as the basis for my colours and ended up with purple, mulberry and red as a colour scheme (not typical at all - I usually avoid purple at all costs).  I then added my two flower clusters and worked from there. 
 In this layout I have used not one - but TWO rustic blooms! I hate to be repetitive in what I use in a layout, but let's face it....these are to die for.  I love them so much - I want more.  In every colour. 
I then placed co-ordinating flowers around them.  I have included a cabbage rose, a wax blossom and a little purple flower from a previous kit (you can't that particular flower any more but there are similar ones here.) I added the black jewelled cabochon because I thought it tied in with the rest of the black on the layout.
I also added a suede tassel, a flair button and a smattering of black faceted enamel dots. I have included a couple of pictures of these to try and show you just how pretty they are and how they reflect the light ever so perfectly. 

I also tucked in some washi tape for good measure behind the photo.  The purple one came from a past JAP kit.  (I have decided JAP kits are the kits that keep giving and giving and giving - they seem to last for so long).

 I then roughly sewed around the edges. This seems to be one of my trends right now; and I added a simple title.
Thanks for looking and I look forward to seeing you next time.
Till then,
Take care

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