Tuesday, November 14, 2017

"Oh Deer" by Anthea

Hi all - how are you all doing this fine beautiful day?
Today I am sharing a LO that kind of took on it's own look the further I went into it.  It was going to be a rough and tough girls LO showcasing these cute photos of my daughter chopping wood from some years ago. (I will state for the record that no one was injured in the process and she was - despite what it looks like, very well supervised in this undertaking.)

I started with a piece of patterned paper which looks like a wooden fence - I think the reason I chose this is fairly obvious! I then ripped into the paper - it has been a while since I did that and scrunched and inked all my edges to make it as grungy as possible........then, much to my horror, my LO kind of went all girly, girly. 
I totally blame the new raspberry rustic blooms in store for this!!!
  I had them sitting on the table (from another LO which I will share with you next month) and decided that I HAD to use another one in this LO because they are really THAT gorgeous!
 I popped it on the side of my photo and that was it....the rest just happened.  The lemon magnolia looked right next to it and the carnation was the perfect colour to complete the flower cluster. I cut the punchinella  to the size I wanted and simply stuck it in behind the flowers.
I then did my top cluster by combining some flowers in similar colours.  Another carnation to start, a cabbage rose and a cute velvet flower that I got from the clearance section a while back.  (I knew when I saw these they would come in handy one day).
I couldn't find any alphas that worked with my LO so I ended up going with some purple ones (Yes...purple...I used purple in a LO because I wanted to, not because I had to.) 

The purple letters looked kind of weird on their own with nothing on the LO to balance them out - so  I went back to my bottom cluster and added a purple suede tassel - I have always loved how they cam complete a LO.
I then added some faceted enamel dots.  These come in a gorgeous array of colours and truly add a beautiful sparkle to any LO. 
To complete the whole LO I added a deer head cut out (in the same paper that I used to back my window in my LO) and added some messy machine stitching around the edges.
All in all, I am pretty happy with how this LO turned out.  I think I have managed to make it a good mix of grunge and pretty.  Who knew that raspberry and yellow would look so pretty together!?  I sure didn't and am glad I took a risk at using colours that I would not normally use.
Well - that is it this time round.  See you really soon.
Till next time.
Take care.

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