Monday, October 30, 2017

Superhero Friday by Nicolee Cable

Hi there.
  Welcome to another Monday.
 I hope your week is going to be wonderful! We can always plan for it to be ey?!
I'm going to show you this cute layout I did of my brother and sister-in-law.  They're pretty superhuman, so this photo of them accidentally wearing the same shirt to the shops was 
fun to play with.

First I want to show you the background.  Like Malindas post yesterday, 
I love making the background my foundation and then adding embellies on top.
For this layout, I chose stars and found them in pretty much every 
D-lish embellishment I had, which was fun.

The scattered stars stencil I used is only small (5" x 5") which makes it hard to cover a whole page.
So I used texture paste in sections.  I moved the stencil around the page and swiped in random sections of the 5x5, so it's not 'blocky' and straight.  I then took it off, cleaned it up and moved it to another section and repeat.  I did this about five times to create this effect.  It actually looks like the stencil was a lot bigger then 5x5.  Its all about using what you have to get the look you want!

After my background was dry, then I randomly dropped yellow ink and instead of just leaving it there, I 'squished' it with my finger tips to give it a little different effect.

I placed a mini doilie down and then ripped up and layered four different varieties of washi tape, red hearts, blue stripes, blue triangles and gold diagonal stripes.
Then I ripped up a piece of black hessian from a JAP (Just Add Paper) kit and randomly layered that behind the photo.  Lastly is the fun part of placing the embellishments where they go and gluing it all down, splattering a little black ink around and voila - all done!

Like I said, there are a lot of stars on this layout!  Can one ever have too many? When they are all different, and so cute - I doubt it!

Here's a list of all the D-lish embellishments I used:

scattered stars mini stencil
wooden gingham star (from a JAP kit)
washi tape
star sequins (from a JAP kit)
black hessian (from a JAP kit)
resin glitter heart (from a JAP kit)

Thanks for looking and I hope you have a wonderful day.
Here's to the final few days of October and on to November!!! 
Take care
Nicolee xxx

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