Sunday, September 3, 2017

"Awesome" by Anthea

Hi again for yet another share.
This share is a LO of my son from a few years ago when we were on holiday in Phillip Island.  I think the wood veneer word 'Awesome' in the 'Off the wall' JAP kit was a perfect title for this photo and pretty much the whole LO was based around that.

As much as I love the colour red, I find scrapping with it really difficult. It tends to dominate everything around it.  Because there is so much red in the photo, I decided to only use a little bit extra on my LO.  The striped stars from a past JAP kit were always going to work on this, so they went on first and the rest of the LO was shaped around them. You can get lots of different resin shapes here.

I painted my back ground with some black paint in typical random fashion and then added a bright yellow backing to make the red pop.  I also added the brick wall creative cut  (this one was part of the 'Off the wall' kit) to add a little bit of texture.
I added different colour and shaped sequins to bring in a bit more colour.  I was originally going to keep the whole thing red, black and yellow, but felt the little bit of blue was needed to make it all a little less boring and to work a little better with the photo.  Painting the word 'awesome' red was a last minute choice.
I wanted to use the fun and bright lightning bolt washi tape from a past kit, and the best way for me to use it on this LO was to roughly cut out the actual bolts and tape them on that way.  The red tassel was to balance it all out....and let's face it....tassels are the best.
To finish it all off I mounted it all on a piece of black card stock and stapled down some coloured wire to try and highlight the fish in Matthew's hands - here is a close up in case you are still having trouble seeing it.  ;) (And yes....I think he was smiling for the camera).
Well that is it from me today.  I hope you like my LO.  It is a little bit messy, but a little bit neat and overall I am happy with how it came together. 
To finish off I  would like to know - do you have any colours that you find hard to scrap with and if so, where do you get ideas to make it all work?  Feel free to let me know here or on Facebook in The Scrap Suite - I would love to hear your suggestions. 
Till next time.
Take care.


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