Monday, June 19, 2017

"Smile" by Anthea

Hi Ya All! 
As we get well and truly into winter I thought I would share a LO that I hope adds a little sunshine to your day. 

I am not going to lie, this is one of my most favourite LOs that I have done and I hope you like it too.  I went crazy with the background on this; I have used texture paste, gesso, ink, tape, gauze and micro beads to add a ton of texture, but not a whole lot of colour.  I did actually use a D-Lish stencil on this, but you would be lucky to see it though all the different layers.
I then created a cross with  some washi tape from the Sunset Dreaming JAP kit and some other tape I had on hand, at the back of my photo. 
I then just added lots of pretty goodies to make it look like how I wanted in my head - (Not that ANY LO I ever do comes out like what I want in my head!)  I wanted to use the big white elegance bloom, so I started by placing it first as it is definitely easier to place your larger flower first when creating a cluster of flowers.  I didn't like the green leaves from this flower on this LO, so I simply cut them off and tucked in some white velvet leaves in their place. These leaves came from a past JAP kit.
I cut the daisies up from a trim in a past JAP kit and placed them and the roses to suit.  (Note - The yellow flower in the middle on this pic was actually white but I wanted it to be yellow, nothing a quick spritz of glimmer mist couldn't fix).
I then tucked in some creative cut feathers to try and soften the LO a bit more and add a bit more depth overall. 
I added a couple of daisies opposite my main cluster to try balance the LO out a little.  I didn't want to add too much and I think these were the perfect choice.  Again, cutting them up meant I could place them how I wanted.
 I finished it all off with a gardenia and a magnolia in the bottom corner.   I also put a smattering of  yellow heart cabochons over the LO (these are from the Sunset Dreaming JAP kit) to add more texture.
I should also mention that my title is a from a piece of chipboard from D-Lish.  There are lots of different words and shapes to choose from here.  I haven't put a real close up of it because I don't want to highlight my awful painting job.
That is all for now.
Happy Scrapping to you all.

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