Wednesday, May 17, 2017

"Acrobat Fun" by Amanda H.

Hi D-lish fans,

My turn to share this fun and bright page today of my creative daughters! They spend hours making up shows and dances and plays - including costumes and make-up! In fact for this acrobat show, it was their face make up that inspired the back ground for my page. I drew a zig zag on the background and simply painted on either side!

A bright page, finished off perfectly with a few key D-lish Scraps elements.

You can see from these close ups, how I have used strips of pink and blue Punchinella behind the photos on either side.
Sequin bows, always a favourite, and this new BRIGHT hot pink is perfect. Check out the new "BRIGHTS" in the bows, awesome colours!
Another go to is Paper roses... I have used black which work perfectly with the colour scheme.
A few extras to finish from my stash- some sequins, staples, muslin, plasters tape were also added.
Thanks for looking today! Hope you get out those BRIGHT colours and go to town!

1 comment:

  1. Super cute!!!! Adore the design elements and embellishments added to the graphic watercolor...really helps showcase the photos :)