Monday, December 19, 2016

Bon Bons - by Anthea E.

 Hi All,
Anthea here again.  In case you hadn't noticed - it is getting really close to Christmas! 
Let me tell you now - I LOVE Christmas!  It really is one of my favourite times of the year.  I could make a list of all of my favourite Christmas things - but that would take an hour - so I wont bore you.  I will let you know however that bon bons are a huge family tradition that I just couldn't go without. The terrible jokes, the bad hats and cute trinkets are as much a part of our Christmas lunch as a fully baked turkey.

My Christmas colour scheme this year is teal, pink and gold and I knew without a doubt that this years Christmas JAP kit and all its goodness was going to perfect for my bon bons. I was planning on taking some process photos - but making these ended up taking a few sittings at night and it just couldn't happen. 
For anyone wondering - the paper is just regular brown paper with a bit of glimmer mist sprayed through a variety of stencils (of which you can get here).  These bon bons are far from perfect - but I kind of like the messiness of them - makes them a bit more homely. 
I then grabbed an opposite colour paper doiley for each bon bon. I wanted gold as my accent colour (because it matches my tree better) so I simply used gold embossing powder on a selection of D-lish chipboard and wood veneer pieces.  (I think some of mine also came from the clearance section.)
I then just decorated at will.  As you can see I have used a heap of resin products, including this little resin heart that I may or may not have swiped from my daughters D-lish stash. I also used a heap of sequinsenamel shapes, a variety of flowers.  I love how the little enamel stars are perfect little toppers for the tree.
Once my doiley 'centrepiece' was created. I assembled the bon bons.  I used toilet paper rolls as my base (you could also used glad wrap rolls if that grosses you out).  I got the 'cracker' part of the bon bon from a general store and inserted that.  I am a bit of an idiot and I made my own hats - if you want I will show you photos of them when we are wearing them - they are nothing special - I promise. 
 If you do make your own hats - crepe paper is best, but awful to work with - so this year I have used tissue paper.  I hope they hold.  I printed off some jokes from the internet - there are heaps out there.  I then wrapped my gifts  and jokes in the hat and put them in the bon bon.  I then tied up each end tightly and secured my 'doiley centrepieces' to the bon bon and voila - home made bon bons.   They will look something like this when presented on Christmas day. 
I am kind of lucky this year - my family knows me well and most of these goodies will be salvaged for me to use again.  Twice the use is always good with me ;)
If you want some ideas as to what to put in these - I have quite a few.  I have male and female crackers and each sex gets something different (the bon bons are actually colour coordinated so I know which is which).  I don't want to tell you what's in these ones yet - in case someone comes snooping.  In previous years I have had; lip gloss, nail polish, lollies, fishing hooks, fishing sinkers, beer bottle opener rings, Coles trolley 'thingos', jewellery, earphones, bouncing balls etc. Go wild with your gifts - you are only limited by your imagination (and size and budget) - if you have a family of scrappers or crafters you could easily put in a heap of D-lish goodies for them to play with.   (Safety Note- if you use fish hooks it doesn't hurt to put bits of cork on each hook very securely to prevent it from sticking into someone if it flies out.)
I hope you have enjoyed my very long post. 
I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and I look forward to seeing you all in the new year.
Anthea xo

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