Sunday, September 25, 2016

Alice Tin Lid | Krisy Podolak

Hi D-lish Lovelies,
Krisy back for my three shares this month.  I am currently trying to read Alice in Wonderland again.  I read it 8 years ago when I was travelling through Canada and loved it so I want to read it again to appreciate it but I don't get much read just a page or two before my eyes are very heavy.  So this time round it is taking a lot longer.  And more often than not I find myself rereading parts as I didn't really take it in properly.

On to todays share.  This is an idea I have been working on for awhile.  I wanted to find a way to use Tin lids in my art.  And I worked out one way.  I used it as a base to add a scene to.  I think I will eventually add the whole thing to a square shadow box when I come across one the right size.  In the meantime it is sitting on my desk.

Here's what I mean by Tin Lid...

And here's what I did with it.

I used a whole heap of D-lish goodies to create a scene that includes heaps of things from Wonderland.  The Alice Flair button is from Funky Flair Studio and the key hole and key and the word dream are from the bottom of my stash but everything else is D-lish.  The resin frame,  the flowers, the tiny bottle, the cupcake button, the enamel mushroom and the bunny.

I arranged them and glued them into place using my hot glue gun.  I had the idea that I would glue this straight into a 5x5 frame but it felt a bit lost. So, I put it aside until another idea hit me.  While I was perusing Bunnings, I came across the tile section where you can buy single tiles for 79 cents.  I knew these would be the perfect thing to add my tin lid to.  Now I just need to find a shadow frame that is the right size for the finished tile.

Here's a close up.

Tomorrow I have another Alice in Wonderland project to share...This time it's an Art Journal/notebook cover.

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