Monday, September 26, 2016

Alice Art Journal | Krisy Podolak

Hi D-lish Lovelies,
I am back again today with my second Alice in Wonderland project.  I have been dabbling a bit in Art Journal covers, I have been enjoying this process so much I have so many finished and maybe looking for a new home soon so keep an eye on my Facebook Page - POPLEOPOD.

Anyways here is my most recent one:
 I used heaps of D-lish goodies.  I went with a darkish/gothic feel to this cover.  I used an actual image from a book that I picked up from the Lifeline Bookfest in my pocket watch I had made by Corbett Creations.  Using that as my base, I built up the rest of the cover around that.  Behind the watch, I added some texture in the form of some of the illusive black punchinella.  If you manage to get hold of this from the store - stock up! Then I added some Flowers (wild roses and daisies), some charms (mushroom and rabbit) then all the extra bits.  I used one of the tiny glass bottles from the D-lish store for my "drink me" and I filled it with some loose mica beads and sealed the lid on with hot glue.  It is pretty cool how the beads can still move around.

You will also find other bits from the D-lish store...pipberry stem, cupcake button, filigree edges, black sequins, star button and resin bird.

I also put together a process video you can watch it here.

I'll be back tomorrow with my last ever D-lish share.  Yes, that's right, my time is up with this awesome team.

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