Friday, November 27, 2015

Ballet Shoe - An Off The Page Project | Krisy Podolak

Today is my last share for this month and I decided to show you a little off the page project I have been working on.  This project shows how versatile D-lish goodies can be.  They aren't just for Scrapbooking.

 I had this idea earlier this year and spent a few months searching out my main ingredient - Ballet Shoes.
I am not a dancer, never have been.  I've never even tried on a pair of ballet shoes.  But I have a secret obsession with Ballerinas and even more so after seeing the Russian Ballet of The Ugly Duckling in Moscow a few years ago.
I managed to find some second had Blochs (Fancy brand name) Ballet slippers as a great price, perfect for my idea.

I should note here, until about 8 weeks ago I had only heard of Frozen.  I had no desire to know what all the fuss was about but then my mum decided to by the movie for my daughter.  I have now watched it on average 6 times a day - nearly every day since.  And my daughter has a whole collection of "Princess" dresses that she regularly wears - EVERYDAY! 
I started this shoe before I had seen the movie and without knowing - it was totally ELSA. So, I added some Elsa inspiration to finish it all off.

To put this together, covered the shoe in paper strips and pearl shine then I added decorated details.  Pearl strings, glitter and of course D-lish flowers.  Roses in white and blue and some wax blossoms.  I then added some snowflake buttons I managed to buy on a garage sale site.  The shoe was not complete without a Sequin bow.

Here's some close ups...

I'm not one hundred percent sure how I will display these.  Whether I will shadow box frame them or add some sort of hanger.   What do you think?  I'd definatly love some ideas. Feel free to leave your ideas in the comments.

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