Friday, June 26, 2015

A pair of Cards - with Katie

Good Morning and Happy Friday! I have been so out of sync with this week, a day ahead all week so now that is actually and finally Friday I am more than ready for it! Especially as today is last day of term for my three kiddies and last day of work for a break for my Hubby. We will all be on holidays together! Yay!

OK, now that I have worked out what day it is let us get down to some crafty goodness. Today I am sharing with you a pair of cards. They are two quite different approaches to cards too. One is very clean and graphic and makes a statement because of this style and the other is based on a sketch.

Let's start with the clean card:

For this card I started with one of the resin frames, I glued this onto a backing of cardstock and I spread some pearl texture paste inside the frame. Into the still wet texture paste I added some sequins and pushed them in to secure. With that done the card is half complete! I picked my sentiment from a cardfetti sheet and then secured the frame and sentiment to the card. I finished with some gold texture paste that I swiped using my finger around the card and around the resin frame. And hey presto all done!

What I liked about using the gold texture paste was being able to vary the thickness as I swiped to create some texture on the edges.

The next card was based on the sketch that was created for the current cyber crop by the lovely Sue. Here is the sketch:

I decided to use the main layered part for my card and I also rotated it 90 degrees clockwise. I ended up with this:

Now keeping in mind that you can't always add all the details in a page sketch on a card, hopefully you can see the basics there! I used an old gift card to spread more of that gold texture paste across the background to get the gold to tie in with the gold spotty bitty bag and the motex tape. The new Dusty Attic chipboard was coated in some pearl texture paste, mainly for a bit of shine. This chipboard is really great, nice and thick, and this particular piece is a great start to the sentiment. The rest of the sentiment was created using the motex writer (I love this machine!), and my trick for getting a good stick is to swipe a glue stick over the back after you have removed the backing tape and then press firmly for a bit to ensure a good adhesion. Haven't had any troubles with tape lifting with this process!

Coloured doilies are such a great way to add some delicacy to a project, here I have cut one in half and staggered their position behind the bag. They represent the circular doily element on the original sketch. A simple Journal It note tag and a printed butterfly wood veneer and the card was finished. Simple and elegant and it all started with a sketch!

If you want to have a go at the sketch as a page there is still plenty of time to join in the June cyber crop. Just join the Scrap Suite (button in the side bar) and check out the challenges and inspiration! And you might just win a prize too.

Thanks for stopping by,

Katie x

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