Thursday, May 7, 2015

Flowers galore, with Ros

My page today is a little different than my usual.
Do you ever feel a little stale?  Like everything you are doing
seems the same and you need to do something different?

I've been a bit like that the last couple of weeks and usually a 
good sketch or challenge is enough to get me out of a slump
but with time flying by the past month, there was barely any time.

I remember a post that Alz did one time where she decided to scrap lift
one of her own pages, so I pulled out a few boxes

....cause I am so slack and yes, most of my pages
 are stacked in pizza boxes....

and I picked a page that was very different than my usual
style and dove right in.

My page started with some Whipped Spackle and a stencil and then a 
few different strips of washi tape, torn down the middle, and placed
across the page.
Because I knew I was going to be using lots of spray and water,
I have put a small amount of glue on my washi tapes to 
make sure they would stay stuck down.

My original page had a large photo but I couldn't tear myself
away from using a smaller one again.

I have taken a Multi Scallop Wood Veneer Frame  and coated it
in quite a thick coating of embossing powder.

When I'm using frames and need to trim my photos into
different shapes, I place a little glue around the inside edge of
the frame, position it where I need it and set it aside to dry.
Once it's dry, because I only used glue on the inside edge of the frame, the 
outer edge is not stuck and gives me enough room to be able to trim 
around the photo just inside the outer edge of the frame.

I have layered some Hand Dyed Muslin and black cotton around the photo.

Can you see the little triangles?
They are rub ons from the Pinkfesh Studio Up In The Clouds Collection.
They are super gorgeous gold but unfortunately
I just could not get them to translate from my page to the camera.
It's getting to that time of the year when it's overcast most days
when I'm finished work.
But trust me!
They are gorgeous.

I have again used a black sequin bow because I can't resist them.
Too cute!
Around my clusters I have put some Glass Cabochons.  I use Matte Medium
to stick these down on my page because it drys clear.

Above you can see a Resin Bird and a gorgeous pink
Resin Flower.  I ended up scattering these around the page
to add a pop of colour. 

 I have used heaps of different Paper Flowers.

There's a few photos but I wanted to try and show the different shades.

I used the one colour spray on my page but because I have used 
different colour flowers instead of plain white ones, I have been able
to get a monochrome look.
All sprayed with Bachelor Button Blue, but all a slightly
different tone.

Hope you've been inspired!


  1. The shades of blue are fabulous and the pink really pops! Its a really stunning layout :)