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Blind scrapping .. with Alz

We tried something different during December's mid month cyber crop in The Scrap Suite on Facebook. We scrapped blind!! Not heard of 'Blind scrapping' before? Its a fairly simple concept .. you're given a list of materials you'll need, along with your usual tools and adhesives, and then you follow step by step instructions on how to construct the layout. But you don't get to see what it looks like before you start scrapping. So you have to have complete faith in the instructions and your ability to interpret them. Plus you need to be able to be flexible when selecting embellishments and their placement to make the instructions work for you. It can be a lot of fun!

Sisters Friends

As the person running the challenge I obviously needed to create a page and write down the materials I used and the step by step instructions. The above layout was what I came up with.

If you wanted to replicate my layout you'd need the following D-lish Scraps products in your arsenal .. Washi TapeColoured TulleFlair Buttons, a white Bitty BagPinkfresh Studios Enamel Wood Veneers, Freckled Fawn Arrow Paper Clips, AzaleasCherry BlossomsAsters, small Roses, a large Shipping Tag, 3.5" Star Doilies and Scrap FX crazy circles chipboard.

To ensure my step by step instructions wouldn't lead anyone astray, I followed them to create the following layout. Oh and its lucky I did because a few of the instructions needed 'tweaking'.  ;)

Picture Perfect

I made a few adjustments here and there but otherwise the instructions worked to a tee. I didn't use quite so many D-lish Scraps products on this layout as the collection I was working with had quite a few elements that were already perfect. I did however use .. some of the new, completely divine, pink flowers from the Little Birdie Holiday Elements range, Flair ButtonsWashi Tape, 3.5" Star DoiliesFreckled Fawn Paper Clips. Coloured Tulle and a Scrap FX chipboard title.

Honestly? I loved the way this layout came together. Because I knew what I was doing the second time around, it was so quick and easy that I wanted to keep on using the same design all weekend LOL!

Anyways, on the off chance that you'd like to create this layout for yourself, and you're not a member of The Scrap Suite on Facebook, Amanda and I thought we'd pop everything you needed to know here. If you do decide to give it a go, please share your layout with us. Perhaps join The Scrap Suite or email it to Amanda. Happy scrapping!

  • photo .. 4x6” landscape
  • photo .. 3x4” landscape
  • cardstock x1
  • patterned papers x3
  • white bitty bag
  • large shipping tag to be used as a template (store measurements .. 48x96mm)
  • 3.5” star doilies x2
  • Scrap FX crazy circles chipboard
  • alphas for your title
  • 7” banner or bunting (will overlap the top of your 4x6” photo)
  • Pinkfresh Studios chevron arrows x9
  • Freckled Fawn arrow paper clips x2
  • flair buttons x2
  • washi tape x2
  • tulle
  • sequins
  • azaleas x2
  • cherry blossoms x2
  • cosmos daisies x5
  • small roses x4
  • sewing cotton
  • optional .. products to colour your chipboard unless you want to leave it raw
  • optional .. mists or sprays if you want to have a few droplets on your page
  • optional .. Tim Holtz tiny attacher for stapling down corners
  • optional .. glitter for creating sparkly flowers
  • optional .. Kindy Glitz to add sparkle to your chipboard and adhere your sequins
  • all measurements are in inches
  • measurements are given height then width
  • all patterned paper edges are distressed, sanded or inked .. the choice is yours
  • my layout is very ‘girly’, by changing your embellishments you can make it any theme
  • flowers don’t have to be exact .. use mine as examples for what sizes you need
  • only apply adhesive to the centre of patterned papers so you can slide things beneath
  • substitute items in the materials list for similar items you have in your stash
step by step instructions

1.   Label your patterned papers (“pp”) 1 to 3.

2.   Cut pp #1 to 10.5x9” and stick to cardstock far to the left and down so its off centre, about an inch or so from the bottom and about 5/8th" from the left.

3.   Cut pp #2 to 11.5x6” and stick on top of pp #1 almost to the very edge of the left of your cardstock and only about an inch above the bottom of pp #1.

4.    Stick one of the 3.5” star doilies in the top left corner of where pp #1 and pp #2 join, overlapping both pp equally.

5.   Slide (and stick down) the other doily beneath pp #2 and overlapping pp #1 in the bottom right hand corner.

6.   Use the shipping tag as a template to cut five tags from pp #3 .. tuck three behind the top left of pp #1 at staggered heights and stick down .. set the other two tags aside.

7.   Decorate the white bitty bag with washi tape and stick it, lying on its side with the opening to the right, on top of pp #2 in the bottom right hand corner .. just above the bottom edge and about 2.5” from the right edge .. LOL maybe use repositionable tape!

8.   Staple together the two remaining tags from pp #3 at an angle so that one slides into the white bitty bag and the other one sits on top then slide them into the bitty bag.

9.   Unwind lots of sewing cotton, make it loosely messy and position it in the left hand corner of pp #2 (but not right in the corner) .. over the top of the cotton adhere the decorated (I painted mine white and put Kindy Glitz on top) Scrap FX crazy circles chipboard.

10.  Stick your banner/bunting on top of pp #2 just beneath the edge, from the top right hand corner across the page .. make sure you’re able to slip the top half an inch or so of the photo underneath the banner/bunting.

11.  Using adhesive only at the top of your 4x6” photo, stick down your photo sort of in the middle of pp #2 so that it overlaps the bitty bag, the Scrap FX crazy circles chipboard, and slides under the banner/bunting.

12.  Using foam dots, stick down your 3x4” photo on a slight angle, overlapping the top left corner of your 4x6” photo, overlapping the Scrap FX crazy circles chipboard, and the doily.

13.  Unwind more sewing cotton, make it loosely messy and position it on pp #1, across the page from the right of your 3x4” photo .. over the top stick down your title (mine is two words, using alphas about 1” high, with one word quite close to the top right corner of the 3x4” photo and the second word underneath it but about 1.5” from the 3x4” photo).

14.  This next step is important .. stick one of the flair buttons and a cosmos daisy, one above the other, at the end of the tags where they stick out from the bitty bag .. make sure they are not stuck to anything else.

Now its time to embellish your page ..

15.  Slide your arrow paper clips, one along your bitty bag overlapping your washi tape and the other on pp #1 in the bottom right hand corner overlapping the doily.

16.  Stick your chevron arrows down in groups of three .. three pointing down towards the 3x4” photo, three pointing inwards towards your title, and three pointing upwards towards your 4x6” photo to the left of the bitty bay.

17.  Cut a strip of tulle, tie it into a bow and stick it in the hole of the tag in the top left hand corner of the page.

18.  Next up are three clusters of flowers .. the bottom right cluster comprises an azalea, two cosmos daisies, a cherry blossom, and two small roses .. this next bit is crucial .. make sure when sticking this cluster down that the flair button and cosmos daisy on the tag become a part of the cluster but don’t prevent the tags from sliding out .. you now have hidden journaling .. yay!

The next cluster comprises a cosmos daisy, cherry blossom and small rose placed in the corner where the two photos meet on top of the Scrap FX crazy circles chipboard.

The final cluster is an azalea, flair button, cosmos daisy and small rose placed to the top left of the 3x4” photo, overlapping the photo and positioned so the tulle bow becomes a part of the cluster.

19.  The final step is to scatter and stick down some sequins .. I used Kindy Glitz as it’s a glue and any excess is glittery rather than being plain glue.

20.  optional steps

*   When the layout was all stuck down I went around and secured the corners of the patterned paper with a Tim Holtz tiny attacher. Its not necessary but I like the look of the tiny staples. You could leave your layout as it is or just add a little adhesive under the corners if you wanted to.

*   I also ‘flicked’ some sprays onto my page but covered my photos first LOL!

*   Using glossy accents and diamond dust I added a glittery touch to my azaleas.

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