Saturday, August 23, 2014

Our furry friends .. with Alz

Morning peeps!

Today I'm sharing a couple of layouts I've created about our furry, four legged friends. Those of the canine variety. LOL I'll leave the felines for someone else to scrap!!

This first layout is of my old family dog Bozo. The photo is blurry, damaged and oh so far from perfect but its the best of a bad bunch and Bozo is so important in my childhood memories he has to be represented in my albums.


I was inspired by the current White With 1 challenge which is to use white with liquorice. Some green accidentally fell on to my layout though LOL! Anyways I've used the following D-lish Scraps products .. black Motex tape, a Flair Button from the black monochrome pack, new release Journal Its from the black monochrome pack, white Carnations, a white Aster, olive Sequins, a black Grosgrain Pick 'n' Place Bow, black Small Roses, a black Mini Wooden Peg, and a black Polka Dot Bag.

I honestly cannot tell you just how easily this layout came together with the new release monochrome pack of Journal Its in black. They made layering a breeze. I don't know about you but I've ordered them in almost every colour currently available!

I also discovered a neat trick whilst creating this layout. I don't know about you but in the past I've always cut the stems off my paper flowers. I've saved those stems for curling and adding to flower clusters but it occurred to me that I could cut out a step. I didn't cut the stems off, rather I curled them whilst they were attached to the flower and then adhered the flower to my layout. As a result I have these little green 'curly wurlies' all over my layout and I think that little touch really helps to 'make' the layout.

Anyways now for something entirely different .. a layout of my Bear.


This is Bear in the kitchen waiting for any spillages that may land his way whilst we prepare dinner. He has a mat he's supposed to sit on when we're in the kitchen so he's not under foot; and usually he does. But I think on this particular occasion GB might have been preparing something with chicken and Bear finds chicken irresistible!!

Why is this layout so devoid of any mixed media? Because my friend (hi Catie!) challenged a group of us to create a layout with a completely clean background. I tried ever so very hard to find loopholes but there were none to be found. It was tough, really tough LOL. I so badly wanted to spritz at least a bit of black here and there but as per the rules I left it clean.

I've used the following D-lish Scraps products on this layout .. a white Bitty Bag, a strip of Bling from an old Just Add Paper kit, a black Mini Wooden PegFlair Buttons from the kraft monochrome pack, a black polka dot Pick 'n' Place Bow, black Coloured WireFreckled Fawn wood chips, a white, circle, scalloped Journal It and newly released black D-lish Dots.

That's it for me this month. If you participated in our cyber crop last weekend I hope you had an absolute tonne of fun. I was unable to join in but found the challenges so inspiring I'm going to slowly make my way through them and come back next month to share them with you. Until then, happy scrapping!

Alz   :)


  1. awesome pages Alison. Those Journal its in black and white looks fabulous. Am off to order some now!

    1. LOL Ros! Oh and thanks of course. I think I ordered them in nearly every colour! ;)