Friday, July 4, 2014

Challenge 3: Product by Alz

Afternoon peeps!

Are you having fun yet? I know I am! Tarrah's scraplift challenge and Kylie's sketch challenge have hopefully got you warmed up and ready for the weekend ahead of celebrating D-lish Scraps 5th birthday! Here is your third challenge ..

As you can see, my challenge is a product based challenge and although I love all the products in store, I have to confess that what I have the most of are flowers. Paper, fabric, handmade, metal, resin. You name it and I've got it and probably in all the colours available!

Anyways given my love affair with flowers it made sense that I challenge you to use flowers on your layout! At least five different types of flowers please. LOL don't stress if you're a flair junkie and haven't bought any flowers from D-lish Scraps before. Go ahead and use whatever you have in your stash. But if you do use D-lish Scraps flowers, or any other D-lish Scraps products, please let us know in your blog post. Why you ask? I'll explain below.

I had a lot of fun creating my layout for this challenge. I had planned on doing something kinda girly with purples and pinks. I'm not quite sure where or when that plan got scrapped (pardon the pun) LOL but this is what I ended up with. Something vintage-y and for a boy?!?!


Before I even begin with the flowers I've used on this layout, let me tell you about the other products I've used .. Flair Buttons from the Duly Noted pack, a large Felt Doily from the brown pack, a black canvas Pick 'n' Place Bow, Kraft/Black Cotton Twine which I unravelled, a small Kraft Bag, a medium kraft Shipping Tag, a Wood Veneer umbrella (love these!!), Micros Mixed Chevron Chipboard and a PVC Doily.

Now to the flowers .. AstersRambling RosesSweet Petites all of which are new in store, a white DaisyCosmos DaisiesCherry Blossoms and Mini Metal Flowers. Wow LOL that's seven different types of flowers and yet my layout doesn't look overloaded by flowers. I think that's one of the reasons I like to use a variety of flowers, plus it makes for an interesting embellishment cluster.

Earlier in my post I asked that you let us know in your blog post if you use any D-lish Scraps products on your layout. Just because my challenge is a flowers one, it does not mean you have to use D-lish Scraps flowers. By simply entering the challenge you will receive one ticket for the major prize draw; and by using D-lish Scraps product(s) on your layout you will earn a bonus ticket for the major prize draw. But you need to let us know that you have used D-lish Products in case we don't recognise them ourselves. In case you're wondering what the major prize is LOL, how's about trying this on for size ..

So, by completing my challenge, and using D-lish Scraps product(s), you could end up with two tickets in the draw for this major prize!!!! But you only need one ticket to be in it to win it, so even if you don't have any D-lish Scraps products to use on your layout, play along anyway. So long as you use at least five or more different types of flowers on your layout for my challenge, you'll receive a ticket in the major prize draw. Simples!

But wait! There's more! Extra tickets for the major prize draw can be 'earned' over the weekend. There will be spot sales over the weekend with products up to 50% off for limited times. For every $10 spend over the weekend you can earn another ticket. There will be other fun ways to earn extra tickets but you'll need to stay tuned for those!

Meanwhile there will of course be other prizes for the winners of each of the eight designers' challenges.

Oh and by the way, for my challenge, please note that five flowers of the one type will make your entry invalid. I'm sorry. You can definitely use multiples of the flowers you have used, but you must include five or more different types of flowers on your layout. If you look closely at my layout you will see I have used multiples of the Sweet Petites and the Mini Metal Flowers but that they have each only been counted as one type of flower.

Now for the nitty gritty stuff ..

*  To find all the challenges in the one place, please see HERE. Overall there will be eight challenges however please note that they are being revealed over the three day weekend so remember to check back over the weekend in case you miss any of the reveals.

*  Wondering how to share your creations? Links for all the challenges can be found HERE.

*  As with any competition there are rules and ours can be found HERE.

Well that's it from me. Good luck with the challenges this weekend. I hope you have a great time helping us celebrate D-lish Scraps' 5th birthday during this major bonanza weekend.

Happy scrapping!!!   :)

PS: Happy birthday D-lish Scraps and congratulations Amanda!!!   :) xx


  1. Hmmm. I will have to search and see if I have 5 different types of flowers!