Friday, March 14, 2014

Share with Sophie {Frame}

Hey guys!
As you've probably figure out this month is my last at D-lish Scrap blog. *sad face*
Today I am sharing something a bit different.

I had purchased an old frame from an antique store a few years back and had always planned to paint it.
I finally got around to it a few days before I left for Uni and while doing so I decided I wanted to transform it like you see below.
I then remembered that the products I had ordered from D-lish would be perfect to complete this project.

It is simple, not focusing on much 'scrapping' but I think it makes a lovely addition to my room.

I used the fabulous wire available at the store. Two metres was plenty for this project. I measured the width of the frame, then cut FOUR pieces of that size. I double it up to add strength as the wire is quite thin.
 To add the flowers I twisted the stem on the back a couple times to make a loop. The loop should be secured against the back of the flower! Not poking out otherwise it will hang facing down.
 I then threaded one piece of wire through a flower before threading the other. Try threading them through different gaps in the loop to make it more secure.
I also threaded a few buttons onto the wire and also added some washi tape.
To finish it off I used the tiny pegs from D-lish to hang some photo, some of which I've placed in front of other goodies from the store.

D-lish products I've used:
Coloured Wire (I used silver but I think pink would've looked even better!)

Thanks for stopping by, I'll be back tomorrow for the final time!

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