Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Working with D-lish Scraps embellishments


The reason I applied to be on the D-lish Scraps Design Team is because I love working with the embellishments Amanda stocks. The fact that a lot of them are handmade really appeals to me because I have always been the type of scrapper who likes things to be a little different to the norm.

Over the years I've participated in more handmade embellishment swaps than I can count LOL, but one thing I've always struggled with when it comes to using those handmade embellishments, is altering them to suit my purpose. It may be something as simple as spraying them with a coloured ink or I may go as far as actually pulling the embellishment apart, which to me feels like sacrilege. I mean someone put a lot of time and effort into making something by hand so who am I to come along and alter (or pull apart!) their embellishment? But which is better? To not use the embellishment at all, or to alter it to suit your needs? I've finally come to the realisation that altering handmade embellishments is actually a 'good thing' (for want of a better choice of words!) in that I love the embellishment so much I want to make it work and that I am inspired by the embellishment.

Here is an example of a layout I have created with D-lish Scraps embellishments which I have altered and pulled apart ..

Pooped Puppy

I created this layout for November's 123 challenge, which required the use of the colour teal. I had recently received some teal Bellah Blooms Canvas Flowers in my DT pack and was keen to use them, but I had two problems. One was that they were too dark for the tone of teal I wanted to work with; and secondly, the large pearl in the centre of the flower didn't suit the overall theme and style of my layout. I easily altered the colour by spraying the flowers with Dylusions White Linen ink spray and I figured I could easily remove the pearl centres and replace them with buttons. Wrong! LOL! Those pearls were stuck on like nobody's business and it seemed like it was going to take a bit of brute force on my behalf to get those little babies off! Once I had removed the pearl centre from one of the flowers, and it was worth the effort, I figured I'd have no problems with the second flower. That was until the whole flower started unravelling. "Oh no!", it was starting to look like I was going to have to re-stitch the entire flower. "Oh no!" indeed LOL! But as the flower unravelled I realised what a beautiful scallop border it made and suddenly I knew I wasn't going to be doing any re-stitching and that what I had (by mistake!!) ended up with was a flower that co-ordinated beautifully with a scallop border. I have other Bellah Blooms Canvas Flowers in my D-lish Scraps stash and you can bet that I'll be using them like this again!!!

Oh and one more thing, with the Carnival Tickets don't forget to flip them over to see the reverse. On this layout the fine print on the reverse of the tickets suited my layout far more than the actual front!

Another layout I recently created with D-lish Scraps embellishments where I played around with how to use my embellishments was one I created with the Out to Sea Just Add Paper Kit ..

Little trooper

The Out to Sea Just Add Paper Kit came with the cutest, tiny jars of minuscule sequins. As adorable as they were, I'm trying (not always successfully) to reduce the bulk on my layouts. Where once my layouts were as lumpy bumpy as they come (and then some!), these days as I use more and more mixed media in my scrapping for some reason I'm trying to, as I've said, reduce the bulkiness of my layouts. So I didn't want to put the jar on my layout (although with a handwritten note rolled up and tucked inside for journaling, it would make a sensational 'message in a bottle' embellishment perfect for the theme of the kit!!) but I wanted to use the sequins. I had thought to just pop a few on here or there but these sequins were tiny! Then I thought I could use some Glossy Accents to make blobs and make mini clusters of sequins. Thing is, when I scattered the sequins over the Glossy Accents blobs they looked fantastic en masse and in the end with the assistance of some more carefully (but randomly) placed Glossy Accents my jar of sequins was empty. I love the textural element using the sequins this way has added to my layout!! Oh and although ever so slightly fiddly, I did end up using some of those sequins singularly!!

I also altered ever so slightly, one of the embellishments in the Out to Sea kit. In the top right hand corner of my layout you can see a round journaling spot with red and white rope around the border. I added the red with a marker to help it stand out amongst my embellishment cluster. If you purchased the kit and ended up not using that journaling spot with the other embellishments in the kit it would look fabulous coloured with other colours to coordinate with other layouts. I also altered the plain chipboard ship's wheel with Dylusions Black Marble ink spray and Glossy Accents but I think we're all pretty much familiar with that technique!

Other embellishments I could have altered, though didn't were the pearl starfish and the metal anchor charm. Either of these embellishments could have been easily altered with say, alcohol or permanent inks, copic markers, paint, pretty much anything. In this instance I left the pearl starfish their original colour as I needed their splashes of cream to lighten my layout and my anchor charm was perfect for my layout just the way it was.

I hope that seeing how I've used some of the D-lish Scraps embellishments either by altering them or thinking outside the box a little inspires you to perhaps take a second look at the embellishments in your stash and the embellishments sold in store.

See you tomorrow!!

Cheers .. Alz   :)

Pooped puppy D-lish Scraps products ..
Bellah Blooms (Canvas Blooms, Teal), Freckled Fawn Wood Chips (Birds), Freckled Fawn Dew Drops (Ombre Blue), Freckled Fawn Paper Clips (Arrows), Flag & Flair Pack (Aqua/Teal), Hand Dyed Muslin (Teal), Carnival TicketsJournal It's by Star (Round & Rounds, Mixed  Ticket Tabs, Bubble Words, Arrow Word Tabs), and black Motex Tape

Little trooper D-lish Scraps products ..
Just Add Paper Kit (Out to Sea) and red Motex Tape

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