Friday, April 26, 2013

Catch up with Kate- April

Hi everyone!
I can't believe that it is the end of April.. the month has just flown by. But I was very excited today when Amanda announced that Freckled Fawn products have hit the D-lish Scraps shelves and before you could shout the words Freckled Fawn 5 times fast, they were nearly all sold out! I think you might be lucky to find a pack or two remaining in the store. But if you missed out, never fear, there will be more restocks coming soon. It definitely pays to keep your eyes open and be very quick with your shopping cart at D-lish Scraps.

I go through these phases where I like my photos printed in a square. Sometimes it just looks better on my pages. My 3 year old just loved playing with a bucket of water and a $2 pack of different coloured sponges from the discount store. I usually enjoy clustering a lot of embellishments in groups on my pages, however I actually put extra thought into my embellishments for this page and where their placement would be! I thought all the embellishments I chose, really complimented each other.

Chipboard- Mini Hearts
Chipboard- Pack- Arrows
Washi Masking Tape
Tiny Start Button Grab Bag
Large Resin Rose Grab Bag
Vintage Roses 2cm
Hydrangea Petals
Cosmos Daisies

D-lish Scraps has a vast array of Flair Buttons- bigger than any other online Aussie store that I can think of! No doubt you will find a print to compliment your project. Because my layout has 3 photos (which I rarely do) and they are quite busy, I wanted to keep my layout and embellishments simple enough to compliment my photos.

Cherry Blossoms
Flair Buttons Forest Friends  
Chipboard Mini Hearts   - I painted my heart, and used my pen to outline the shape, then mounted on ds foam tape

That is it from me for this post, I am off to a retreat tomorrow for the day and you can be sure I will be packing my entire D-lish Scraps stash to play with. Hopefully I will have lots to inspire you with upon my return ;)

Stay tuned for more posts from our fabulous design team, and enjoy your weekend!

Love Kate x


  1. Soooo awesome and such a pity I missed out (on most). Maybe later.